Aadhaar Card: To which bank account is your Aadhaar card linked, find out like this in one click

adhar card

Aadhaar Card Linking: Aadhaar card is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). It is not only an identity card but it also helps you to avail benefits of various government schemes.

Aadhaar Card Linked to these Bank Account: In the year 2009, the then UPA government started the Aadhaar card scheme in India. After this, the government has continuously promoted its use. In the era of rapidly increasing digitalization in the country, the utility of the Aadhar card has increased rapidly. Nowadays, the Aadhar card of the children is made in the school itself. From Hotel Booking to Hospital and Government works, the Aadhar card is being used nowadays at all places. Without an Aadhar card, it is difficult to do any important work.

It is issued by the Government Department Unique Identification Authority of India i.e. UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India). It is not only an identity card but it also helps you to take advantage of various government schemes. The government has made it mandatory to link Aadhaar with bank accounts also (Bank Account Aadhaar Linked).

In such a situation, it has been seen many times that people do not even know with which bank account their Aadhar card is linked. Because of this, they have to make many rounds of the bank to get this information. But, you can get this information sitting at home. Today we are going to tell you about those easy steps by which you can get information about your Aadhar Linked Bank Account number sitting at home.

Check like this-

  • If you want to get information about the bank account linked to your Aadhar card, then first of all click on the official website of UIDAI www.uidai.gov.in.
  • After this, you click on the link of Check Your Aadhaar and Bank Account.
  • After this, you enter the Aadhar number and security code.
  • After this OTP will come on your registered mobile number which you enter.
  • Then click on the login option.
  • As soon as you log in, all the bank accounts related to your Aadhaar will be in front of you.
  • Here you can easily see the list.