Aadhaar Card Scam: If you want to stay safe from Aadhaar scam then keep these things in mind...

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People may have benefited a lot from the development of the Internet in the recent past, but with it, there has been an increase in cyber crimes. Digital fraud has been on the rise in India for quite some time, posing a threat to the financial security of individuals and national identity systems like Aadhaar.


Fraudsters are constantly evolving their tactics, which can make protecting sensitive personal information more and more difficult. Here we will tell you what to do or what not to do to avoid this scam. Let us know about it.

What to do to avoid Aadhaar card scam
     It is important to secure your personal information through Aadhaar biometric authentication.

     Delete any external copies of your Aadhaar card stored on unfamiliar computers to prevent access by scammers and keep digital copies in a secure space.

     Your mobile number must be linked to your Aadhaar data to maintain accurate and updated contact information to verify.

     Report immediately if you suspect scamming or stolen documents to take quick action against potential threats.

     Monitor your Aadhaar usage by regularly checking the UIDAI website, which will let you know where your identity is being used.


Do not make this mistake to avoid Aadhaar card scam

     Avoid disclosing your Aadhaar number to persons requesting delivery or verification.

     Do not let people calling in the name of government agencies or banks ask for OTP etc.

     To reduce the risk of identity theft, do not share your Aadhaar card on social media.

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