Aadhaar Address Update: How much does it cost to change the address on an Aadhaar card, know by clicking


The Aadhar card is an important government document without which many of our workers can get stuck. Aadhaar is often demanded by various government schemes, banks and other places. You can also use this government identity proof as your address proof. However, many people have not updated their Aadhaar details for a long time because they are not aware of the Aadhaar card updation fees. Today we will tell you how much it costs to change address in Aadhaar.

Updating your address is simple:

Ideally, you should always keep your address updated on your Aadhaar card to avoid any inconvenience. Updating any detail in Aadhaar is quite simple, and you can do it from the comfort of your home. For this, you will have to go to the UIDAI website. There is no limit on changing address on Aadhaar, that is, you can update your address as many times as you want.

The address can be changed in this way


To change your address in Aadhaar, you will have to go to uidai.gov.in. Then, go to the 'My Aadhaar' section, where you will see the option to 'Update your Aadhaar Card'. This will take you to the Aadhaar Self-Service Update portal. After entering your Aadhaar card number and OTP, click on 'Proceed to Update Aadhaar'. Then, update your address and click 'Proceed'. You will also have to upload a new address proof.

What is the fee for this?

Now, let us consider the question of how much it costs to update the address in Aadhaar. For this, you will have to pay a fee of Rs 50. After making the payment, you will receive a URN (Update Request Number) which you can use to check the status of your update on the website.