A 36-year-old beauty influencer who went on holiday to Malta died of a heart attack!


Famous Tunisian beauty influencer Farrah El-Kadi, who was holidaying in Malta, has died of a heart attack at the age of 36. Her sudden death has deeply shocked her fans and the social media community.ttAccording to the Times of Malta report, Farah suffered a heart attack while vacationing on a ship and was immediately rushed to a hospital in Malta, where doctors declared her dead. According to her Instagram profile, apart from creating beauty and lifestyle content, she was also an architect in a private firm.

The cause of Farah's death has not been made clear yet, but it is believed that a heart attack was the cause of her death. It is unusual for women to have a heart attack at the age of 36, but it is not impossible. Doctors say that due to today's hectic life and stressful environment, the risk of heart attack is increasing even among the youth. In such a situation, women should also get regular health tests done after crossing the age of 30, especially since it is very important to get heart-related tests done.


This test records the electrical activity of the heart and can detect any heart abnormalities.


This test uses sound waves to assess the structure and function of the heart.

Stress Test:

In this test, stress is put on the heart through exercise or medicines and it is observed how the heart tolerates this stress.

Apart from these tests, adopting a healthy lifestyle also plays a very important role in keeping the heart healthy. A balanced diet, regular exercise, not smoking and stress control can help women stay healthy. Farah El Kadi's untimely death is a warning. We should take care of our health and get regular medical tests done.

Disclaimer: Dear reader, thank you for reading this news. This news has been written only to make you aware. We have taken the help of home remedies and general information in writing this. If you read anything related to your health anywhere, then definitely consult a doctor before adopting it.