You should always keep these 5 things in mind while making a UPI payment!


Unified Payments Interface (UPI) has made it easy to receive and send money digitally these days. But as things have become easier for us, it has also opened up tricks for scammers to dupe people online.

There are a few things that users can keep in mind to ensure that they are safe and an easy target for scammers. There are 5 things you should keep in mind while making online payments through UPI.


1. Verify UPI ID before transacting

Before making any payment, verify the UPI ID twice. Similarly, whenever you are getting money, always share the correct UPI ID.

This will help you avoid wrong transactions and send money to someone else. You can send or receive as little as Rs 1 for confirmation.

2. Never share your UPI PIN with anyone

Never share your 6 or 4-digit UPI PIN with anyone. Scammers posing as bank representatives ask for your card/bank account details including PIN, OTP, Password, etc. So make sure you never share this sensitive information with anyone. The UPI-enabled app asks for a PIN before every transaction.

3. Proper protection on your phone

UPI-enabled apps, including Gray and PhonePe, enter your phone lock screen password before you open the app for secure transactions.

Adding a lock screen password reduces the chances of fraud in case your phone case is stolen or misused. It is also suggested to change the lock screen password frequently.

4. Avoid using more than one UPI app

Using multiple UPI apps is of no use. Instead, it leads you to make a mistake. Hence, it is better to use the same UPI ID.


5. Do not click on unverified links

You may receive fraudulent links on your phone via SMS, WhatsApp, or email. Avoid clicking on links that are not verified, instead delete them.

These links are often used to hack your phone and steal your identity as well as your banking password and PIN.