You should adopt these home remedies for beautiful and attractive hair, know by clicking!


Hair is such a thing that is very necessary for everyone because without it all the beauty looks faded but if your hair is beautiful then even an ugly face starts looking beautiful.

That's why today we have brought for you home remedies for beautiful hair, by which you can get thick, soft, dark, and beautiful hair.


Home remedies for beautiful hair -

1 - Banana and honey

Make a paste of banana according to your hair, and add honey to it. Now apply this paste well to your hair. Leave it on for 30-35 minutes, and then wash your hair with a mild shampoo. You can use this pack once a week. This will make your hair look very healthy.

2 – Milk and Oats

Just as eating oats is beneficial for health, it is equally beneficial for hair. For this, make a paste by mixing milk and oats. And apply it well to the hair. After half an hour wash the hair with lukewarm water and mild shampoo. By doing this, your two-faced hair will become good. And the hair fall will also be fine.


3- Yogurt and egg

Applying a mixture of egg white and curd removes the problem of dandruff in the hair. And the hair becomes soft too.