You must eat these things to grow hair


Often people do not know what things they apply to their roots to lengthen the hair. Tell these people that sometimes hair loss can also be due to internal problems. In such a situation, adding some things to your diet can make hair thick and long. People need to be aware of these things. Today we will tell you what things you can add to your diet to grow hair. 

What to eat to grow hair?

Hair can be increased by the consumption of curry leaves. Let us tell you that both white hair and hair fall can be removed by its consumption. In such a situation, chew curry leaves on an empty stomach in the morning. By doing this the hair can be increased. 

Hair can also be increased by the consumption of gooseberry. In such a situation, you can drink amla and aloe vera juice. Apart from this, if you want, you can prepare pills by mixing aloe vera in amla powder. 

Hair can be increased by the consumption of peanuts. In such a situation, soak peanuts overnight and consume them the next day. 

Hair can be increased by taking Triphala. In such a situation, make Triphala tea before sleeping. It is very useful for hair.