Yoga Tips: To get relief from back and knee pain do these yogasanas, know about them...


Experts consider the regular practice of yoga asanas to be very effective for both physical and mental health. The risk of developing many types of diseases is also found to be less in people who practice yogasanas regularly. This is the reason why experts recommend people of all ages include yoga asanas in their daily routine.

Due to the sedentary lifestyle, the problem of pain in the shoulders and knees along with the back and waist has been seen to increase significantly in people, to get relief from this, incorporating yogasanas in the routine can be very effective. Let us know how yoga can be beneficial in pain problems...


Setubandhasana yoga for back pain
With the deteriorating lifestyle, the problem of back pain is increasing rapidly in people. In this condition, it becomes difficult for people to even carry out normal activities of life. However, by practicing some yoga postures, benefits can be obtained from it. Regular practice of Setubandhasana yoga strengthens the legs, back, and neck-chest. Along with relaxing the whole body, the benefits of this yoga have been seen in improving digestion and curing back pain.

Yoga for knee pain
The problem of increasing pain in the knees and joints can lead to many problems for health in the future. Yoga is a light-impact exercise, which means it elevates the heart rate while reducing stress on the joints. The practice of yoga asanas is considered good practice for people with knee pain as it helps reduce chronic pain while improving mobility, physical fitness, and overall quality of life. For this, exercises like Uttanasana and Virabhadrasana can be done.


Shoulder pain problem
People who have problems with shoulder pain or for whom it becomes difficult to lift their shoulders can get benefit from regular yoga asanas. Manjari asana can be practiced to get relief from this problem of frozen shoulder. Along with improving body posture and balance, this exercise can also benefit people with back pain.