Yoga Tips: These yogasanas are beneficial for working women, regular practice will remove many problems


Yoga Tips: Yogasan is beneficial for the health of the body and mind. The risk of many diseases can be avoided by regular yoga practice. Yoga makes the body healthy and flexible, while also maintaining the health of the mind and heart. Domestic women often stand for household chores and keep running, but office-going working women do most of the desk work. Most of the time sitting in a chair affects the body. In such a situation, women who do desk work must do yoga to stay fit and active. Sitting all day affects the back, and weight can increase. In such a situation, yoga works to keep the body flexible and away from many diseases. It also reduces the mental stress that occurs during work. Let us know beneficial yogasanas for working women.


To do this asana, sit on the ground with both legs stretched forward. Now while inhaling, raise the hands, and while exhaling, move the hands forward. Then hold the toes with the fingers of the hands. Try that your nose touches the knee in this pose. After staying in this state for some time, come back to the normal state.

Benefits- By doing this asana, belly fat is reduced. The bones are flexible. The digestive system remains correct and the problem of insomnia is removed.

To do this asana, women lie on their back and then raise their bodies by bending their knees. In this pose, the stomach should be towards the sky. While doing asanas, your body feels like a bridge.

Benefits- Stress goes away. The eyesight gets brighter. Fat is reduced and the muscles of the arms, legs, and back are strengthened.


Chaturanga Dandasana
To do Chaturanga Dandasana, sit in the balance pose. Then while bending down, bring your elbows and shoulders to the level of the back.

Benefits- With regular practice of this asana, the stomach feels completely fit. The muscles of the shoulders, legs, and back are strengthened. Back and shoulder pain is relieved.