Yoga Tips: Kapalbhati removes many physical problems including digestion, know more about it...


Kapalbhati Yoga Benefits: Yoga is a beneficial way to keep the body healthy. Regular practice of Yogasana keeps not only the body but also the mental health in good shape. That is, yoga is considered beneficial for both physical and mental health. Many diseases affect our bodies and mind. Just as different medicines get rid of different diseases, similarly different yogasanas protect from many diseases. However, if one expects many health benefits from yoga, then one can practice pranayama. Pranayama promotes positive energy in the body as well as improves digestion. The practice of many types of pranayama is considered beneficial in balancing hormones, promoting blood circulation, and improving physical coordination.


How to do Kapalbhati Pranayama?
To do Kapalbhati, sit in Padmasana and make a mind posture with both hands. Taking a deep breath in, exhale jerkily. During this, pull the stomach inwards. If you are starting to do Kapalbhati, practice only for 5-10 minutes and increase the practice over time.

Benefits of Kapalbhati Pranayama
-The practice of this yoga helps in increasing the oxygen level in the blood.

-This yoga of breath increases the capacity of the lungs and strengthens the lungs.

-Kapalbhati helps in removing toxins and other waste materials from the body.

-Regular practice of Kapalbhati helps control the level of pitta and increases the metabolic rate.

-This yoga asana is beneficial for activating brain cells and improving memory and concentration power.

-Anxiety and stress are removed by the practice of Kapalbhati.


-Kapalbhati is also beneficial for making the skin healthy and glowing.

-For people who have asthma and sinus problems, regular practice of Kapalbhati is also beneficial to get rid of these diseases.

-The practice of Kapalbhati can be beneficial in removing many stomach problems, including improving digestion-related problems.