Yoga Day 2022: Troubled by lack of sleep? Do this yoga asana


Chandra Namaskar Benefits: Nowadays many people are harming their health due to a run-of-the-mill life, in such a situation, 'Chandra Namaskar' can be done for mental peace.


 Every year June 21 is celebrated as 'International Yoga Day, it started in the year 2014 when the United Nations General Assembly officially announced it. . Its purpose is to create awareness about yoga in every common and special people. 

Insomnia will be overcome by Chandra Namaskar

With the help of yoga, you can overcome the lack of sleep, for this, you have to adopt a special method. Most of us must have heard about 'Surya Namaskar', but do you also know about 'Chandra Namaskar'. This asana gives great relief to the body and mind.

Method of Chandra Namaskar

First of all, stand by laying a mat on the ground and while facing the moon, keep the hands in front of the chest in the posture of Namaskar.

Now while breathing, open the hands and move them from front to back, in this sequence, look towards the sky.

Now while exhaling, try to touch the earth to bring the hands in front and take the head as close to the knee as possible.

Then move the left leg backward and now take the right knee forward. Your eyes should be towards the sky.

Now move the hands towards the back in the Namaskar posture, lift the chin and stretch the body while pulling the hands up and breathing.

While exhaling, bring both your hands down, and while pulling the right leg back, come back to the old position.

Now move the middle part of the body up and then stop at the bottom.


Now touch the hands, feet, knees, head and chest, all the organs with the ground and stay in this position for some time.

Breathe in and try to straighten the hands while raising the chest and looking towards the sky.

Now while exhaling, the heels are on the ground. Raise the middle part of the body and keep the head down, then touch the chin with the throat.

Now draw the breath and bring the left leg and both the hands in the middle. Keep the waist down and take the neck back.

Once again, bring the hands in front of the chest in the posture of Namaskar and then take them backward, lift the chin and take the back and head back while pulling the hands towards the sky.


Now bring the hand from behind and tilt it towards the front. Then try to touch the ground and move the head towards the knee

While pulling the breath inwards, open the hands in front and take them backward. Bend the back and look at the sky -

Finally, in the posture of salutation towards the moon, move the hands in front of the chest.

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