Worried about the bitter cold? You can make a room heater in just 15 minutes!


At present, there is an outbreak of cold waves in the whole country. There was no chill in the air even after three months had passed since the beginning of winter. However, now the dew in the air has increased considerably. The situation is even worse in many states of North India. Cold is also being faced with dense fog. In such a situation, a room heater is needed in the house. However, due to the season, heaters have become very expensive. If you do not want to spend money on a room heater, you can easily make a room heater from household waste. It will only take you 15 minutes to make this homemade room heater. 

Ingredients needed to make room heater:

Tin can, scale divider and measuring pen, steel pipe, cutter, MCL, 38 cm aluminum wire, lighter, 10 cm cardboard (double), silver coating spray, room heater rod, plain tape, electric wire for making room heater, double tape.

Room heater-making process:

Make a mark at a distance of nine centimeters in the corner of the tin box.

 Draw a line from top to bottom on both sides.

- Cut the box with the cutter. This will give the shape of the heater.

After this, cut the steel pipe into two pieces four centimeters in length.

- With the help of MCL, fit both these pieces in the middle of the cut tin box.

Cut 180 degrees i.e. semi-circle from the corner on the remaining piece of tin. Cut this shape into two pieces.

After this, take the aluminum wire and remove its cover. It has to be heated to remove the lid. Keep in mind that this wire is 38 cm. Should be of

- Apply MCL on the cut pieces of tin and stick an aluminum wire in it. Connect at least five to six wires in a semi-circular shape.

A cardboard will be needed to make the stand. After cutting the cardboard, the double tape should be applied on the backside.

After this stick it in a cardboard tin. Now spray the inside and outside of the tin and cardboard with silver coating spray.

Take the rod of the room heater and connect it to the wire. Install the heating rod by passing the wire over the pipe placed in the middle of the tin.

- Stick the rest of the wire with tape. Now stick the outer part made of aluminum wire with the help of tape. Tape the remaining wire to the back of the tin.