Worried about dark underarms? Try this easy home remedy, it will remove the blackness of the skin


Prefer to wear sleeveless blouse, t-shirt, gown shorts especially in summer season. However, due to the darkening of the underarms.

These blackheads can be due to hormonal imbalance in the body, fungal infection, prolonged exposure to heat or as a side effect of hair remover cream.

Today we are going to tell you one such trick by which you can get rid of dark underarms. Scrub with baking soda mixed with water, dead skin will be removed and blackheads will also come out.

Mix rose water in sandalwood powder and massage on armpits, neck, elbows for some time. Wash it off after half an hour of massage.

To remove blackheads from any part of the body, mix turmeric with milk and make a paste. By applying this paste, the blackness will gradually go away,

Almonds are used in some cosmetic products, you can also grind five to eight almonds and make a paste by adding a spoonful of milk powder and honey.

Lemon is one of the best natural bleaches. Before bathing every morning, rub it on the underarms, neck, elbows, this use will gradually remove the blackness.

If you want to get rid of blackheads on any part of the body including underarms, you can also get rid of blackheads by crushing and applying potato.

You can also use aloe vera to get rid of dark underarms. Blackheads are also removed by applying aloe vera gel.

Make a paste of bitter neem leaves, apply this paste on the black skin, the blackness of the skin will go away in a few days.