World Thalassemia Day 2022: Know what Thalassemia patients should eat and what to avoid


Thalassemia patients can consume these things

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World Thalassemia Day 2022: Thalassemia is a blood disorder. World Thalassemia Day is celebrated every year on 8 May to make people aware of this disease. Let us find out what things people suffering from Thalassemia should consume and what should be avoided.

World Thalassemia Day is celebrated every year on 8 May to make people aware of Thalassemia disease. Thalassemia is a blood disorder. This is a genetic disease. It comes from parents to children. In this disease, hemoglobin in the blood is decreased. During this, blood is not able to form in the patient’s body. There is a lack of blood in the body. In such a situation, many other health problems also have to be faced. This causes anemia and fatigue are formed. People suffering from Thalassemia require frequent blood transfusions. During this, there is a need to take more care of food and drink. In such a situation, foods that increase red blood cells should be consumed. What kind of foods should be given to Thalassemia patients? Foods Let’s find out what should be included in the diet and what should be avoided.

Folic acid

People suffering from Thalassemia disease should consume foods rich in folic acid. You can consume peas, pears, spinach, pineapple, beet, banana, beans, etc. They help in making new blood cells in the body.

Vitamin B 12

Foods rich in Vitamin B12 should be consumed. Consume milk and leafy vegetables. Cook the vegetables well and eat them.

Vitamin C

Foods rich in Vitamin C should be consumed during Thalassemia. Vitamin C is found in high amounts in citrus fruits. In citrus fruits, you can consume orange, kiwi, lemon, capsicum, strawberry, etc.

Iron-rich foods

Thalassemia patients should consume foods rich in iron. This increases hemoglobin in the body. Iron deficiency is removed from the body. You can consume iron-rich foods like spinach, apples, raisins, spinach, beetroot, pomegranate, figs, almonds, etc. By consuming them, the blood cells in the body will increase. You can also take iron-rich supplements after consulting a doctor.

Avoid these things

Thalassemia patients should avoid the consumption of certain things. This includes maida, urad, gram, potato, brinjal, okra, fast food, junk food, bakery products, high amount of salt, and caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee, etc.

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