World Liver Day: Liver diseases can be fatal, know four easy ways to keep it healthy


To keep the body healthy, it is considered necessary to keep the liver functioning properly. The liver plays an important role in everything from the digestion of food to the production of bile and maintaining the balance of chemicals in the blood. The risk of various types of liver-related diseases has increased in the recent times due to poor diet and lifestyle, which in severe cases also becomes the reason for the malfunction of this organ. Many liver diseases can be fatal if left untreated. World Liver Day is celebrated every year on 19 April to make people aware of liver health around the world. Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis kill 35,000 people in the US every year. India has also seen an increase in the number of people dying from this disease in the last decade. The figures for the year 2015 show that out of 2 million deaths due to liver diseases worldwide this year, India's figure was close to 18.3 percent. This is the reason why experts advise all people to keep taking measures to prevent liver diseases. Let us know by keeping in mind which simple things you can keep the liver healthy?


Alcohol is the enemy of the liver, stay away from it
According to the report of MayoClinic, excessive consumption of alcohol is considered to be a major and major cause of liver diseases worldwide. Alcohol damages liver cells and can interfere with the normal functioning of the liver. Keep a distance from alcohol. According to health experts, there is no safe limit for alcohol, consumption of alcohol in a small amount can harm the body.

Be careful about taking medicines
If you too often have been taking over-the-counter medicines on your own, then this habit can damage the liver. Medicines should be consumed with great caution. In case of any disease, do not consume any medicine on your own without medical advice. Continuous use of over-the-counter medicines can affect liver function.

Take special care of diet
To maintain better liver health, it is considered necessary to take special care of food and drink. Along with what to eat, keep information about what things should be avoided to keep the liver healthy? Include fiber-rich things, green leafy vegetables-greens, fruits in the diet. Can liver be kept healthy by consuming less processed, junk foods etc.? Take special care of hand hygiene before eating food.


Control the weight
Gaining body weight can cause heart and diabetes as well as liver diseases. The risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) increases with increased body weight or fat content. Due to this, there may be a problem of inflammation of the liver and pain in the stomach. Keep taking measures to keep your weight under control, it will help you in maintaining overall health along with liver.