Women troubled by a double chin, do these 3 things, you will get rid of facial fat


Is your selfie not good because of a double chin? And if you want to get a sharp jawline by reducing it fast, then this is the right time to bring some facial exercises into your routine. With the help of the exercises mentioned in this article, you can easily reduce the fat on your face and look young. 

Yes, who doesn't want a sharp jawline? And the good news is that accentuating your cheekbones and shedding that extra fat from your face is easier than you might think. After 25, your skin starts getting worse no matter what product you use. 

Exercising the face is the key to looking younger. Also, if you hate your facial fat, then these exercises will help you get rid of it. Exercising the face is just as important as exercising the rest of your body. 

Apart from this, facial exercise also helps in increasing blood circulation and combating wrinkles. Face yoga expert Vibhuti Arora ji has shared this information through his Instagram. But first, we let you know about the reasons for this. 

Due to double chin


Common causes of a double chin include excess fat, poor posture, signs of ageing, genetics or facial texture. While some of these reasons are not within our control, we can find the right facial exercises to reduce that double chin.

Double Chin punch

  • To do this, first of all, sit down with the back straight. 
  • After this, make a fist of your one hand and put it under the chin. 
  • Then open and close your mouth by enlarging it. 
  • Do this at least 5 times.

Jaw Sculpting


  • To do this, place two fingers of your right hand on the chin. 
  • Then massage the face with the palm of the left hand from the chin up to the cheeks.
  • After this, place two fingers of the left hand on the chin and massage with the right hand. 
  • Then bend the fingers of both your hands and massage both sides of your chin.  
  • Do this many times.

Air Kissing 

  • To do this, first, tilt your head backwards. 
  • Open your mouth upwards. 
  • As if you are kissing the wind towards the ceiling.
  • This will make your chin muscles work well and will help in burning fat.

You can also get rid of facial fat and double chin by doing these facial exercises.

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(Verified by Face Yoga Expert Vibhuti Arora)


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