Women Health Tips: Rashes happen during periods, know the reason here...


During the menstrual cycle, many changes can be felt in the body. Some people have problems like stomach pain, irritability, and mood swings in this condition, while in some it can also cause serious problems due to hormone imbalance. The problem of rash or rash on the body during periods is similar. If you also have this type of problem again and again, then definitely visit a gynecologist about this, in some situations it can be a sign of autoimmune progesterone dermatitis. Let us know what are the reasons for this type of problem.


Progesterone hormone imbalance
There are some special hormones in the body of women that help in maintaining the menstrual cycle from pregnancy to conception. Progesterone is one such hormone, its main function is to regulate menstruation. It is a hormone released by the ovaries. If there is an imbalance in progesterone levels due to any reason, it can lead to menstrual imbalance and premature menopause. It can cause many problems even in normal pregnancies.

Autoimmune progesterone dermatitis
Some women may also have problems such as pain, irritability, and mood swings during periods, along with a rash or rash. For this, the problem of autoimmune progesterone dermatitis is seen as a factor. People who have this problem have a rash that starts 3-4 days before menstruation, this is the time when progesterone levels are at a high level. As its levels decrease, the rash gets better within a few days of the onset of menstruation. There is a need to be careful about such symptoms of menstruation.


Why does this problem happen?
While it's not clear why autoimmune progesterone dermatitis occurs, researchers believe that some women's bodies become overactive to these hormones, triggering an autoimmune reaction. It may also be that in some women, increased hormone levels trigger an increased response to other allergens, which can lead to such symptoms.

Health experts say that if you also experience such problems, then definitely consult a specialist about this, so that any serious problem can be prevented in time.