Women Health Tips: Know about some pregnancy problems and their home remedies, click here...


During pregnancy, there are many changes in the body of women, due to which they also have many problems. In such a situation, home remedies are very useful. Here we are telling you the problems of pregnancy and their home remedies.

1) Vomiting in pregnancy
After waking up in the morning, squeeze the juice of one lemon in lukewarm water and drink it on an empty stomach for a few days. This will stop vomiting.

If it is the summer season, then drinking ice water is beneficial.

Orange, mosambi juice, and coconut water are also very beneficial.

Keeping a water bandage on the pregnant woman's stomach also provides relief from vomiting.


2) Frequent urination
After extracting the juice of three gooseberries, mixing water in it and drinking it in the morning and evening is beneficial.

If there is a complaint of frequent urination, after eating 50 grams of a roasted gram, eat a little jaggery from above. Do this regularly for 10 days.

Eat dates twice a day and drink milk after eating dates at night.

3) Aversion to food
Make a fine powder by taking an equal quantity of coriander, black cumin, dry ginger, and rock salt. Taking 2-2 grams of powder 3-4 times a day causes hunger and creates interest in food.

Drink Jamun vinegar. Regular use of vinegar increases appetite.

Make a salad or chutney of green coriander, tomato, paper lemon, green chili, and black salt, and eat it. This will generate interest in food.

4) Anemia
Taking 1-1 piece of gooseberry jam with milk in the morning and evening ends the deficiency of blood.

Boil figs in milk. Then eat it and drink milk. This removes the lack of blood and increases the power.

After eating 5-10 dates daily and drinking a cup of warm milk from above, new blood is formed in the body in a few days.

Drinking carrot juice and beet juice mixed is very beneficial.

5) Gas in pregnancy
Drink milk after eating 1-1 piece of gooseberry jam in the morning and evening. This removes the complaint of gas and acidity.

Take half a teaspoon of carom seeds powder and a little black salt, 15 minutes before the meal, and use the same recipe 15 minutes after the meal.

In case of gas complaints, add the juice of half a lemon to a cup of water and mix some fennel powder and black salt and take it regularly for a few days.


6) Swelling in legs
Peel the pineapple and cut it into round pieces. Sprinkle black pepper powder and black salt on it and eat it, it is beneficial. This leads to an increase in urine, which reduces swelling.

During pregnancy, feet should be washed with a decoction of black cumin in swollen feet.

Rub the fine powder of carom seeds gently on the feet.