Women Health Tips: How to remove stretch marks after delivery, know home remedies here...


Pregnancy is a pleasant feeling for a woman. But along with this comes physical and mental difficulties as well. One of which is the marks of stretch marks lying on the body. Those whose measures are not taken in time, then they do not go away quickly. When the baby grows in the womb, the abdominal muscles get stretched. Due to this stretch marks start appearing on the skin. Which can be removed by these methods.


Mix baking soda in a spoonful of lemon juice and apply it to the affected area. Scrub lightly and leave it on. Then clean it after ten to fifteen minutes. By doing this remedy three to four times a week, the effect starts showing in a few days. Because lemon and baking soda contain bleaching ingredients. Which helps in reducing the redness of the skin.


Along with this, grind the real sandalwood and make powder. Then add turmeric to it and make a paste. Apply this paste to the stretch marks and let it dry. When this paste dries, wash it off. With continuous use, the problem of stretch marks will start to go away.


If stretch marks have started coming on the stomach. So oil massage on it is very effective. Because with the help of oil the skin gets moisture and it gets nourishment. So that there are no deep marks. Massaging with coconut oil, almond oil, or olive oil at least twice daily helps in getting rid of stretch marks.


Aloe vera gel works to remove wrinkles naturally. Massaging aloe vera gel daily to remove the stretch marks made on the stomach also shows a lot of effect and the marks start reducing in a few days.