Women Health Tips: Here are the symptoms of menopause, know the treatment...


Menopause Causes Signs Symptoms: As important as menstruation is in the life of any woman, the state of menopause is equally important. Menopause is the condition when the menstrual cycle stops in a woman. This is the last phase of the menstrual cycle. Usually, a woman's menstrual cycle stops during the age of 45-50 years. If they stop menstruating and do not have a cycle for 12 months, they are considered to have entered the menopause phase. In some women, symptoms of pre-menopause begin to appear after the age of 40. Recognizing the early symptoms of menopause can be understood that the menstrual cycle may stop. But every woman's menopause period is different. There should be complete information about the symptoms, stages, and treatment of menopause.


Stages of menopause
There are three phases of the cessation of the menstrual cycle – first, perimenopause, second – menopause, and third – postmenopause. The condition of perimenopause is formed in the woman's body three to five years before the onset of menopause. This condition can last up to 10 years and after that one enters the phase of menopause. After this comes the stage of post-menopause. Most women do not understand the difference between menopause and perimenopause.

Symptoms of menopause
-There is a sudden feeling of feverish heat in it.
-Vaginal changes may occur
-There is more sweating at night.
-There may be sleep problems.
-Emotional changes can happen.
-Irregularities are seen in the menstrual cycle, such as early periods or excessive bleeding.
-More physical discomfort and pain may increase during menstruation.
-Along with fatigue and weakness, there may be pain and stiffness in the joints and bones.


Treatment for menopause
-To deal with the physical and mental suffering that comes with entering the stage of menopause, certain things need to be taken care of.

-After the age of 40, along with taking complete information about menopause from the doctor, a complete health checkup should be done.

-One should adopt a healthy lifestyle and avoid oily spicy food, caffeine, smoking, alcohol, and depression.

-Hot flashes can be a problem in the stage of menopause. In such a situation, along with a healthy diet, regular practice of exercise and yoga keeps us healthy.

-Due to this condition, there is an imbalance of hormones in the body. In such a situation, you can talk to the doctor for a hormone prescription. However, do not consume them in your mind. Take medicine only after consulting a doctor.