Women Fitness Myths: Do not trust these myths related to women's fitness, click here to know about them!


Pyaar Ka Punchnama fame actress Sonali Sehgal remains in the headlines due to her boldness. Recently Sonali shared a video on her social media account. In this video, the myths related to women's fitness and the truth related to them have been told. Let's know about them. 


If women do weight lifting, which they are often told, they become bulky by doing weight lifting. This is a big myth. The fact is that it is very important to do weight lifting in the right form. Muscle mass gain occurs after prolonged weight lifting. It takes years of hard work like athletes to do.

Sonali Sehgal has told about another myth that it is often said that women should not eat anything immediately after a workout. It's not like that at all. Your body needs nutrition after a workout. So do eat something healthy.

Cardio - Many people say that the more time you spend on cardio, the faster it will help in weight loss but it's not like that. Do cardio, but keep doing strength training along with cardio. That's why spending hours on the treadmill is not the right way.


Sonali Sehgal has also told about the fact of another myth related to women's fitness. Actually, it is often said that workouts should be done directly without working on the weak part of the body. Although it is not so, we should work on the weak part of our body first so that fitness can be improved in a complete way.