Winter Travel: You will fall in love with Delhi's winter, when you do these 4 winter activities...


It is getting so cold in Delhi that people are considering it as a havoc of the weather. This season can be enjoyed by doing some activities during winter in the country's capital. Know those activities by which you will be touched by the winter of Delhi.


Tea lovers: Most people's tea in cold seems no less than a panacea. During winter in Delhi, you can go to small shops and enjoy Kullad tea. Here you will find many varieties of tea. (Photo: Insta/@atravellerdiary_)

Window Shopping: Champa Gali in Saket, Delhi is an attractive destination for both locals and tourists. Here you can enjoy tea and coffee from window shopping to restaurants. From shopping in Champa Gali, there is an opportunity for fun activities for children. (Photo: Insta/@traveloodzic)

Hot Chocolate: If you want to enjoy the winter of Delhi, then you must go out and taste hot chocolate. There are many such spots in Delhi, where hot chocolate dishes are famous all over the capital. (Photo: Insta/@dotti_designs)


Picnic with family: Sunbathing during winter is common in Delhi. If you want to enjoy the weather with the family, then you should go on a picnic. There are many such gardens in Delhi which are considered picnic spots. Delhi's Lodhi Garden and India Gate are at the top of this list. (Photo: Insta/@abhijitkpravin)