Winter Tips: Take help of these Amla recipes to boost immunity, Know more about them........


Cough or cold is common in winter and more cases are seen in children. Anyone can get cold and cough due to low immunity ie weak immune system. The main reason behind the weakening of immunity can be eating wrong things and not having a proper lifestyle. To strengthen the immune system, the help of food can be taken. We are going to tell about the health benefits of Amla rich in Vitamin C. Amla is sour in taste, so most children and elders do not like to eat it. Know through which recipes of Amla, the best source of Vitamin C, you can keep yourself fit in winter.


Gooseberry jam
Hygiene is not guaranteed in the gooseberry marmalade available outside. If you want, you can make amla marmalade at home. For this take amla and soak it in alum water for about 3 days. Now heat water in a pan and leave the soaked amla in it. After 10 minutes, turn off the gas and then drain the water from the gooseberry. Now add sugar and cook it again and when it becomes soft, add cardamom, black pepper, black salt and saffron to it. Your Amla Murabba is ready.

Amla juice
Its easy to make. Blend the gooseberry and extract the juice by filtering its pulp. Now mix black pepper and honey well in it. Your Amla juice is ready. You can give it to drink from elders to children.


Amla Candy
Take some gooseberries and boil them in water. When they become soft, turn off the gas. Now remove its seeds and cut the amla into pieces. Now put the pieces of amla in sugar water and after 3 days take them out and leave them outside for a while. Your amla candy is ready.