Winter Special: Make tasty and healthy Dryfruit Parantha this winter, know the recipe here...


-2 cups wheat flour

-½ cup raisins and jaggery (grated

-½ tsp coarsely ground fennel, cardamom powder


-2-2 tsp almond powder, cashew powder, and pistachio powder (coarsely ground)

-1 tbsp grated coconut

-2 tbsp ghee

-2 tsp lukewarm ghee (for moyan)

Knead soft dough by adding wheat flour, lukewarm ghee, and water as required.

Keep covered for 10 minutes.

For stuffing, mix cardamom powder, jaggery, fennel, raisins, almond-cashew-pistachio powder, and coconut in a bowl.

Take a ball of dough and seal it well by stuffing 2 tsp.

Roll like roti.


Apply desi ghee on a nonstick pan and bake the parantha till it turns golden brown from both sides.

Serve hot parathas.