Winter Kitchen Tricks: If you don't feel like washing dishes in winter, then these tricks will work...


Dishwashing tips for winters: In the winter season, people prefer to avoid doing water-based work, but the use of water is quite common in some everyday tasks like washing utensils. In such a situation, you have to put your hand in the water to clean the dishes without wanting it. However, if you do not feel like washing dishes in winter, then some easy tricks can be very useful for you.


Cleaning dirty kitchen utensils in winter is a challenging task in itself. Especially people who take a lot of time to polish burnt utensils. In such a situation, staying in water for a long time can also prove to be harmful to your health, so we are going to tell you some easy tips for washing dishes in winter, by following which you can shine even dirty utensils in minutes.

Use gloves
It is a good option to use gloves to clean utensils in winter. Due to this, you feel less cold and the softness of your hands also remains. In this case, before washing the dishes, wear gloves on your hands. Also, instead of collecting a lot of utensils in the sink, keep washing a few utensils.

Wash dishes with hot water
In winter, it is best to use hot water to shine the utensil in a pinch. In this case, before washing the utensils, soak all the utensils in hot water. Now after some time, taking out the utensils and rubbing them with a sponge, the utensils will be cleaned immediately.

Clean burnt dishes
Cleaning burnt utensils in winter is a very difficult task. In such a situation, with the help of salt, you can easily shine the utensils. For this, apply salt and dish wash on the scrub pad and rub it on the utensils. This will clean the burnt utensils easily.


Best way to polish utensils
In winter, you can try some home remedies to clean all types of utensils in minutes. For this, after closing the drain of the sink, put the utensils in it and fill the sink with water. Now mix 2 teaspoons baking soda, 2 teaspoons vinegar, lemon juice, and 1 cup hydrogen peroxide in this water. After 15 minutes, after washing with clean water, the utensils will shine like new.