Winter Health Care: Your child drinks less water in winter, these methods will keep him hydrated...


Drinking less water in winter becomes a habit of most people, especially children. This can prove to be a mess with health. Due to this the skin also looks dull. Learn how you can keep yourself hydrated in winter.


Coconut water: It is said that coconut water can fulfil the lack of water in the body to a great extent. Drinking coconut water in winter is not good for health, and this myth is spread among people. It is said that its effect is cold, but experts believe that coconut water should be consumed even in winter.

Water Bottle Trick: It is a fact that many people love their water bottles very much. You can also try this trick. If your child does not drink water in the cold, then bring an attractive bottle for him. With this, he will get attached and will drink water regularly. By the way, adults can also try this trick.

Hydrated Fruits and Vegetables: Make children such vegetables and fruits part of their diet, which has high water content. By the way, orange is a cold fruit and adults and children also like it a lot. Apart from this, Kiwi is also the best source of hydration.


Do this work before eating: Always drink a glass of water before eating to keep the body hydrated. It has two advantages, this method will help in digesting food and also you will be able to avoid food cravings.