Winter Food Benefits: Take special care of your health in winter with these three winter foods, daily consumption will not make you sick..


Winter Food Benefits: The winter season has knocked. After getting rid of the heat, people are enjoying the pleasant weather of winter. If there is strong sunlight during the day, then by the evening one starts feeling shivering. But this pleasant weather also brings with it many health problems. With the onset of winter, our body needs good care because in this cold season we have to face many problems. Such as bone pain, dry skin, antioxidant deficiency, cold and cough, and chest tightness. However, there are many winter foods that you can enjoy healthily and healthily by including them in your diet.


Celebrity nutrition expert Rujuta Diwakar has suggested some such winter foods from her Instagram account which will help in taking care of your health naturally.

Let's know which are those three superfoods
1. Consuming Gond in the winter season is considered very beneficial because it brings warmth to the body. Due to its being rich in nutrients, people consume it a lot in winter. Along with this, women are advised to eat gum laddoos after delivery.

2. With the onset of winter, there is a complaint of pain in muscles and bones. In such a situation eating gum laddoos and halwa is beneficial> Along with bringing warmth to the body, it also strengthens muscles and bones. It is also a very good medicine for your spine.

Gum is also very beneficial for better immunity. In such a situation, you can make pudding or laddoos and eat them. With this, along with improving your immunity, you will also get the strength to fight against diseases. There is often a complaint of cold and cold in winter, in such a situation, Govind can prove to help provide you relief from all these.

Green Garlic
1. Green Garlic available in winter is full of many medicinal properties. According to nutrition expert Rujuta Diwakar, allicin is found in it which is very beneficial for the face. Often we spend a lot of money on expensive products to provide antioxidants to our face in winter, but by consuming green garlic, we can maintain it at home without spending any money.

2. We can either include green garlic in the special vegetable prepared in winter or make a spicy chutney and eat it with a sandwich or roti. It can remove many problems from your skin, reduces wrinkles in the skin as well as repair swelling, fine lines and dry skin.

3. Many nutrients including Sulfuric compounds are found in green garlic. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it plays the role of an antioxidant in the body. Properties like thinning the blood and reducing cholesterol are found in green garlic.


1. Turnip is available only in the winter season. We know this as immunity booster food. You can also use it in the form of juice or salad in your diet. All kinds of minerals are found in it. Vitamin C found in it can help increase immunity.

2. Bone problems often increase in the winter season. Stiffness in bones and pain in muscles, turnip leaves can prove beneficial for them. The vitamin C present in it does not allow the calcium level in the body to decrease.

3. Nowadays our connection is more than the internet and laptop because most people are working from home, in such a situation it is very important to take care of the eyes. Turnip can also be used to keep the eyes healthy. A study has shown that the green leaves of turnips contain two compounds called lutein and zeaxanthin which help in keeping the eyes healthy.