Winter Fashion: The best way to avoid the cold air of morning and evening in winter, follow these styles of wearing muffler


Winter Fashion: Winter is at its peak in January. The cold wind in the morning and evening makes it difficult for people to go out. In such a situation, the wind affects the ears the most. Most people use mufflers to avoid cold air, but many people think that wearing mufflers will not make them look stylish. So today, in this article, we will tell you some such ways of wearing a muffler, by which you will be protected from the cold air in winter and will also be seen in a stylish and cool look. Mufflers can be sported in a variety of ways to serve two purposes - keeping you warm as well as keeping you stylish.


Wrap around muffler
It is an easy and comfortable technique to make your muffler look stylish. To achieve this look, fold your dupatta in half and then wrap it around your neck. Next, hold the two free ends of the scarf and insert them into the folded end of the muffler. This method will also protect you from cold and also make you look stylish.

Put on a belt
Another fashionable way to wear a dupatta is by belting it. Choose a stylish long scarf or muffler, and then wrap it around your neck, tucking the scarf under your favourite belt as you cinch it around your waist. In general, scarves can give you a great look; However, you can reduce the amount by tying the dupatta with a belt. You can show off your curves with it.

Square blanket scarf
This is one of the most beautiful ways to wear mufflers. It will look like a blanket and provide warmth. To achieve this look, wrap the front of your muffler in a V-wrap around your neck, bringing the other two ends up so they face the other direction.

Just hang it
Wearing long scarves is one of the simplest ways to add poise and elegance to your appearance, and once you figure out how to wear them, you are a fashionista. Just hang your muffler around your neck for a classy look.


Over hand
On cold days, the overhand knot is simple and effective. To lock in the heat around your neck, tie a knot in the muffler instead of wrapping it around it. Drape the dupatta unevenly over your shoulder. Take the long side, cross it, and enter through the opening in the middle. Pull both ends together and tighten until you are comfortable.