Winter Care Tips: Soles become cold again and again in winter, follow these effective home remedies...


Cold Feet Treatment: In the winter season, many people have a problem that their feet do not get warm easily. Many people's feet do not get warm even inside the socks. When there is not enough supply of oxygen and blood in our palms and feet, then they start getting cold. Sometimes, due to problems like anemia, restless leg syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, nerve damage, hypothyroidism, and hypothermia, the soles of the feet become cold. If your feet are colder than others in winter, then you can keep them warm with the help of some home remedies.


Home remedies to get rid of cold feet
Heating pad

If your feet are cold all the time, then you can use a heating pad to heat them. Before going to bed at night, apply a foot pack and when going out, do not forget to warm the soles with a heating pad before wearing socks and shoes.

Wash off with warm water
To get instant relief from cold feet, you can keep your feet immersed in hot water for some time. Doing this will improve the blood circulation of the feet and reduce muscle tension. You can do this before sleeping. While washing your feet, you must put salt in the water.

Hot oil massage
A simple natural therapeutic way to bring back the warmth in the feet is by massaging your feet with hot oil. You can use mustard or olive oil for this. First of all, take a few drops of oil on the palm and massage the soles and feet. This will increase blood flow, which will improve the supply of oxygen. In this way, the feet will remain warm.


Iron and Vitamin B Rich Foods
Due to a lack of iron in the blood, the feet become cold. If you consume iron-rich food, then the deficiency of blood in the body will be cured. While the consumption of Vitamin B2 or 12 will enable the production of red blood cells in the body properly. By doing this the problem of cold feet will also be cured.