Why does a silent heart attack happen after all? What are its causes and preventive measures?


In a silent heart attack, many times it is not understood that it is a heart attack. Many times it does not even show symptoms and suddenly the person becomes restless with pain. You will be surprised to know that silent attacks are more dangerous. That is why it is very important to know about all the symptoms of an attack.


5 Causes of Silent Heart Attack 

1. Too much oily, fatty, and processed food 

2. Lack of physical activity 

3. Drinking alcohol and cigarettes 

4. Diabetes and obesity 

5. Stress and tension


5 ways to prevent: 

1. Include salad, vegetables, and more in the diet. 

2. Do regular walks, exercise, yoga. 

3. Stay away from intoxicants like cigarettes, and alcohol. 

4. Be happy. Avoid stress and tension. 

5. Get regular medical check-ups done.