Why do girls like to sleep on their stomachs? Know what the survey says!


Girls often sleep on their stomachs. Some girls even like to read on their stomachs. Girls do not face any problem in staying like this for hours while boys on the other hand find it difficult to stay like this for minutes.

By the way, science says that a person should not sleep on his stomach. By living like this, a person starts getting many types of diseases. Then what is it that girls like to sleep on their stomachs better?

So let's know about these strange and poor reasons-


1. We are not fat

When girls were asked this question in a survey, they say that sleeping on their stomachs makes their stomachs inside. It seems as if our fat is decreasing. Due to the pressure of the body, the stomach remains inside. But at the same time, doctors tell that this can happen only mentally.

2. The Pain of the Time

By the way, doctors say on this that girls start sleeping more on their stomachs at the time when their breasts are growing. The pain happening then gives rest to the girls. Girls also tell us that it gives us relief from that pain.

3. It also reduces sex arousal

Girls like to sleep on their stomachs even when they want to reduce sex excitement. Or in simple words, sleeping in this way puts pressure on certain parts of the body and sexual desire is fulfilled.

4. Dreams Come Well


Girls believe that sleeping like this brings good dreams.

These are some of the reasons why girls prefer sleeping on their stomachs. But doctors say that sleeping on the stomach is not good for the body. This habit first affects the digestive power of the person.