Why do chains hang on the back of buses or trucks? This is the main reason!


You must have seen the chains hanging behind the trucks and buses during the journey. Dragging on the ground, these chains can be easily seen on most of the large commercial vehicles around you. If you have paid attention to these chains, then it is possible that you have some questions related to them. Why are chains hanging from the back of trucks and buses? What is the use of these chains? Here's the answer to all your questions about those chains.


Although a chain pulled behind large trucks and buses may seem unattractive and useless, it plays an important role when it comes to safety. The main purpose of these chains is to dissipate static electricity which can result in an explosion or fire.

Trucks and buses get negatively charged while traveling due to friction which results in the movement of electrons from the ground to the tires. By this induction, the body of the truck or bus gets positively charged as they are made of metal. The positive charge and negative charge on the body may cause sparking which may result in fire. A fire in a fuel tank can also result in an explosion. That's why chains hang from the rear end of trucks and buses. The chains touch the ground at the speed breaker and neutralize the positive charge on the body of the vehicle.

Chains on the back of petrol tankers and trucks carrying highly inflammable products increase significantly as they are at greater risk of catching fire due to the positive charge in the body at that time.