Why are there no pockets in girls' shirts, click here to know the reason!


Whether it is a woman or a man, everyone has a different identity and often this identity is also visible from the clothes worn. When it comes to clothes, women are at the forefront. Women like to do different types of experiments with their clothes. Because of this, she has to face criticism many times.


Girls shirt pocket

In the olden days, Indian women were asked to wear long veils that covered their bodies completely, especially married women. And only men could wear jeans and shirts. However, nowadays there is not much difference between the clothes of boys and girls, nor is there any restriction on their clothes.

Especially jeans shirts are such clothes which are worn by both men and women.

There is a difference between a girl's jeans shirt and a men's jeans shirt. Although girls are considered more fashionable, girls' shirts are mostly plain, designed with no pockets made. Whereas boys' shirts have pockets. However, nowadays the option of pocket and without pocket comes in the shirts of boys.

Why so?

It is believed that there is a reason behind everything. Even behind every color of the clothes, there is a story hidden in it, then the absence of pockets in the shirt cannot be a common thing. So let us tell you about this secret today.


Since ancient times, girls were asked to wear such clothes. In which the structure of his body does not look ugly. The pocket in the shirt means that you can use it to keep small items.

If girls keep something similar in the pocket of the shirt, then their body part comes out, due to which their body starts looking ugly and they start feeling uncomfortable. Because of this, pockets are not made in the clothes of girls.

However, now girls can get pockets made on their shirts if they want. Because now a lot of changes have come about women in the society, due to which no one comments about the clothes of anyone.