Why are only female staff hired in flight? these are the big reasons


If you have ever traveled in an airplane, then you must have experienced that the attendants are always present on the ship to help you. Actually it is Air Hostess. Their job is to solve any problem that comes during the journey. However, you must have also noticed that these flight attendants are kept more women than men. There is a special reason for this. We are going to tell you about these.


It is not that men cannot become air hostesses. There are also male flight attendants, but their number is very less. On the other hand, companies keeping men on this post tell that they take mail attendants only in that situation, where there is more force and hard work. Apart from this, you can learn about other reasons to hire female flight attendants below.

1. It is said that people pay attention to the words of women instead of men and listen to them carefully. That's why when it comes to giving directions, only women tell.

2. Management skills of women are better. In such a situation, she is more accurate in serving the passengers and also gives solutions in less time.

3. Women are able to listen to people better. Which makes a good impression.


4. Women are more polite and soft in nature than men flight attendants. In such a situation, the image of that airline among the passengers becomes spectacular.

5. The weight of women is less than that of men and this is an important thing for any flight. Because more weight means more fuel.