Who is the owner of Colgate: - Know how soap-candle-making company Colgate became a toothpaste brand


Colgate brand toothpaste is used in most homes. If you also use the toothpaste of Colgate company every morning, then you must know how this company established itself and then how the impression of this brand became in the minds of people in every household. So let's know about its success story.

Started with soap-candle

William Colgate created the Colgate Company to make his product a brand. He always wanted to do business and for this reason, he also came to America from England. In the year 1806, he started the business of making soap and candles in New York but he was not able to earn much profit. Only after this, his company started making toothpaste in the year 1873.

Introduced Colgate toothpaste

Let us tell you that when this brand came out as a company making toothpaste, then the problem of packaging toothpaste was also more. Colgate Company introduced toothpaste by keeping it in a tube. With this packing, it became easy for people to use toothpaste. 

Since then, the popularity of Colgate started increasing and in 1928, a company named Palmolive bought Colgate. The Palmolive Company changed the name of Colgate to Colgate Palmolive.

Other products also launched

Colgate had made a distinct identity in America, but after this P&G also launched and promoted its toothpaste. In the year 2955, people used more toothpaste made by P&G than Colgate. 

After this, the Colgate Company launched fluoride toothpaste in 1964 and named it Colgate Total. After some time, the company launched 14 other types of products in many countries of the world including India and also added many brand ambassadors with it. Since then Colgate got success in other countries as well as in India.

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