White or yellow, know what the color of your tongue tells about your health?


If till now you have been using your tongue only for different tastes, then now use it to know the state of health as well. Yes, you probably know that your tongue can hide many secrets related to your health. Whenever you are sick, even doctors ask you to show your tongue first. If you also want to know about your health problems, then you must also read this news.


What is the color of the tongue?

Why is there a white coating on the tongue?

There is a slight white coating on a healthy tongue, but if this layer becomes thick, it may mean that the person has a disturbance in the digestive system. In this way, you can eliminate this problem by changing your diet. In addition, a white tongue can also mean that your body is dehydrated and oral hygiene is in poor condition.

The yellow color of the tongue-

Usually, the color of the tongue is pink. But if the color of the tongue is fading, then it can also be a sign of low blood pressure in the body. According to acupressure therapy, this can indicate a problem in the lungs.

Yellow Tongue

If the tongue is yellow, it means that there is a lack of nutrients in the body. Which you can easily fix by changing your diet. If there is any problem in your digestive system or if you have any liver or stomach problems, then a yellow coating gets deposited on the tongue.

Brown Tongue-

If you are a caffeine lover, it is no surprise that you have a brown tongue. The color of the tongue becomes brown due to smoking. People who have been smoking for a long time and have developed a permanent brown coating on their tongue should consult a doctor.


Red Tongue – 

The deficiency of folic acid or vitamin B-12 can cause your tongue to become strangely red. If you look closely in the mirror, you will notice that there are red spots and map-like patterns on the tongue. It is called geographical language.


Blue and purple tongues indicate heart problems. When your heart doesn't pump blood properly, the blood turns purple due to a lack of oxygen in the blood. In that case, contact the doctor.