Whipped Cream Recipe: Make Whipped Cream for Cakes at home, know the method here...


If you also find it difficult to make whipped cream. So try this method. With this, instant whipped cream will be ready at home. Due to this delicious cake will be prepared easily at home. By the way, not only in cakes, whipped cream is used as a topping on other baked goods. From biscuits to cupcakes and muffins, whipped cream topping is often applied. So let's know how to prepare the whipped cream.


Ingredients for Whipped Cream
Heavy cream (which is very cold) You can keep it in the freezer and cool it a lot. Also need sugar, which is finely ground or confectionery sugar, vanilla essence.

Whipped Cream Recipe
To make whipped cream, first put the bowl in which the cream is to be made, put it in the fridge, and cool it. Then take a lot of ice in a big vessel and place a cold bowl on it. Add cream to it and beat it with a cold whisker. Beat it until the cream becomes soft. Then add powdered sugar to this cream and beat it.


While whipping the cream, watch when the cream becomes light and doubles. So stop whipping it. A well-whipped cream begins to form a shape. Also, even after inverting the bowl, this cream does not fall and gets solidified. Whip cream is ready. You can apply it on cakes as well as muffins and cupcakes.