Which was the first Doordarshan serial in India? Click here to know


Question: Which was India's first Doordarshan serial? Many people don't know

Answer: Hum log

Question: When did the systematic introduction of satellite TV started in India?

Answer: In the year 1991

Question: In which year was the Internet invented in the world?

Answer: 1960

The question: In which article of the Indian Constitution, freedom of expression has been defined?

Answer: Article 19

Question: Janardan Singh Gehlot is related to which sport?

Answer: Kabbadi

Question: Which state has decided to take Divyangs as nominated members in urban self-government?

Answer: Rajasthan

question: How long can an octopus live?

Answer: Only six months

Question: Which animal on earth has a long tongue of 21 inches?

Answer: Giraffe's