WhatsApp tips: You can see deleted messages like this, no other app is needed, know here...


Nowadays almost every smartphone user uses WhatsApp. Many features are available on WhatsApp according to the need and convenience of the user, in which the option of deleting the message is also available. That is, you can delete the message sent to other users before seeing it. After this, only the chatbox of the front users has the symbol of the message and it shows that the message has been deleted. In such a situation, many people also start getting worried about curiosity about deleted messages. But perhaps you do not know that with the help of one of the features of the smartphone, deleted messages can also be seen and these features are present in your phone itself. So let's know about this feature and also see the easy way to use it.


Notification history
Nowadays, almost all smartphones have the feature of Notification History. With the help of this, all the notifications coming on your phone are recorded, so that you can see them later even if you miss the notification. With the help of this feature, you can also check the notification history of other apps along with deleted messages on WhatsApp.

How to see deleted messages
To see the deleted messages on WhatsApp, first, you have to turn on the notification history option on your phone. For this, you open the phone's settings and tap on the Notifications & Status Bar option. After this, you have to go to the option of More Settings. From here tap on Notification History and turn it on. Now whatever notifications will come on your phone, will save it in the notification history.


Now suppose a user has sent you a message on WhatsApp and has deleted it before you can see it. In such a situation, a message notification comes on your phone, but you do not see the message due to the message being detailed before seeing it. Now you have to go to the notification history and there you can see that message. For this, go to the Notification History option and tap on WhatsApp chat from there, after that you can see all the notifications together with the deleted message on WhatsApp.