WhatsApp Alert: These people will not be able to run WhatsApp from October 24, see the full list here...


WhatsApp stops its support on some devices every year. Something similar is going to happen this year as well. It is reported that WhatsApp is discontinuing its support for some older iPhones. This information has been given by Apple itself. The report states that WhatsApp support is ending for iPhones running iOS 10 and iOS 11. It is starting on 24th October. WhatsApp's features tracking site WABetaInfo has also given information about this update.


It is said in the report that WhatsApp has started sending alerts to old iPhone users about this update. In the alert, users are being told that users with iOS 10 and iOS 11 versions will not be able to use WhatsApp after October 24.

In such a situation, users have only one option and that is to update their iPhone. A few days ago, WhatsApp has also updated information in this regard on the Help Center page, which states that to use WhatsApp on iPhone, at least iOS 12 or later will be required. Apart from this, there is also an alert for Android users that Android phones which have Android 4.1 or older versions will not be able to use WhatsApp.


How to Update Your Old iPhone
If your iPhone is about to get an update, it will have already been received. If for some reason you haven't updated, then definitely update your iPhone, although some people may have to change their iPhone as well, because Apple has now stopped updating for some older models. By the way, let us tell you that only iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c users will be affected by this alert.