What you should not wear in Indian wedding: - Brides should not wear such clothes on their wedding day


I was not fond of getting married since childhood; this film dialogue of Kareena Kapoor remains the real dream of many girls. That's why it is said that a girl thinks about everything beforehand. Every girl has some dreams for her marriage. 

How she will be dressed, what kind of jewellery she will wear and what kind of lehenga and entry will be made, all keep on going in her mind. But suppose the day you look your best, if something goes wrong on that day, then this disappointment keeps tormenting you for the rest of your life. 

The preparations you have made for your wedding should be done with great care. Your one mistake can spoil your special day. It is most important for a bride to pay special attention to her clothes, makeup, hairstyle and overall look at her wedding. However, sometimes even after a lot of preparation, something is left out.

We are here to tell you what kind of clothes, colours, jewellery and makeup you should avoid at your wedding. Let's then read this article completely and know about those things. 

Get rid of a white dress


It is not that society is not changing now. There have been many changes in society regarding many things and customs. The colours which were once avoided are now being worn today. Many celebrities, influencers and brides have chosen white colour in their wedding functions. Alia Bhatt's wedding in April had a white theme. But pure white is still not considered right. If you are taking a white-coloured dress or bridal lehenga, then take it in off-white colour rather than white. Also, wear white with a matching golden colour with it. 

Pay special attention to makeup


Imagine how you would feel if you did not look good in your marriage? Many brides are excited about their makeup. Try not to make your makeup too loud or extravagant. Tell your makeup artist about your preference and makeup in advance. Too much loud makeup can make you look cartoonish at your wedding. Your makeup should be simple and beautiful.

Avoid Dull Colors


A wedding means flamboyance, vibrant colours and happiness... so should your outfits. A bride should not wear dull colours at all at her wedding. If you like to wear subtle colours, then experiment with them. Colours like peach, beige, golden, and mauve can be tried. If you love bright colours, then you have no shortage of bright colours. You shouldn't mind adding a bit of glitter and shimmer to your clothes. 

Take care of hairstyle


Know one thing that not every bride likes a bun. Your hairstyle should be based on your attire and face shape. Try out new hairstyles with your hairstylist. A new hairstyle enhances your look at each of its functions. Apart from the wedding day, you can also try some new hairstyles.

A bride must look her prettiest on her D-day! Knock this thing in a knot and start preparing for the wedding. We hope you will also look most beautiful at your wedding.


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