What is the best for health, roti or rice? Click here to know!


Indians like to eat a lot of roti and rice in their food from morning till night. However, while enjoying rice and roti, Indians often ask what is healthier to eat with roti or rice. Because roti and rice have different qualities. Due to which health gets different benefits, if you are also confused about roti and rice, then here you will know that for good health you should give more importance to rice or to roti?


If you are dieting then keep your distance from rice

Rice is easily digested because of the starch content in it, although due to the quick digestion of food, hunger starts quickly, then we eat anything untimely. Which is not suitable for health and dieting people should stay away from rice because rice increases body fat. Because of this, keep a distance from rice.


What is best in nutrients, roti or rice?

Minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron, and potassium are found in roti. However, in rice, we get as much iron as roti. But the amount of phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium in rice is less than that of roti. Rice does not contain calcium. Roti has more fiber, protein, micronutrients, and sodium than rice. Rice does not contain sodium. So in nutrients, roti is better than rice.

For diabetes level - roti or rice?

Roti and rice, both have the same glycemic index.

That is, by eating both, the level of blood sugar increases in the same way. Meaning if you control the amount of food then it doesn't matter much what you eat. If you eat roti and a small bowl of rice then it is completely correct. So there is no need to skip the rice. Just take a controlled quantity of rice.

In this way, both rice and roti benefit health in different ways. It is up to the people what they would like to eat for health.