What does touching elders' feet mean: - After all, why is there a custom of touching the feet of elders among Hindus? Know its importance


There are countless such customs in Indian culture whose main purpose is to make life better. There is one of those customs has been named Charansparsh. Touching or touching the feet of those who are older than us at home or outside.

It was a habit that was inculcated in children from the very beginning. In this, these rites were given that all the elders of the house, such as parents or any other elder must wake up in the morning and touch their feet. Only after that, any work was started.

It was such a habit which remained lifelong and many benefits were also available from it. According to religion or according to astrology, many benefits of this habit were seen. Let's learn about the benefits of touching the feet of elders from astrologer Anil Jain of Narad Sanchar.

Why are the feet of elders touched 

In Hinduism, people touch the feet of elders because this tradition has been going on since the Vedic period. Touching the feet of elders in Hinduism is a way of expressing respect, it is also known as charansparsh.

Touching the feet of elders also shows the values ​​that a person has learned for his family. It is believed that when we touch the feet of elders, we get the blessings of our elders in return. These are the values ​​that are taught in childhood which we follow throughout our life.

Benefits of touching feet 

When we touch the feet of elders, we get their blessings and always respect them. If we talk about health then it can be like exercise. But one way of touching the feet is to bend down completely and touch the toes of the elders' feet so that one can get the full benefit of this exercise.

From the point of view of science, the flow of energy is also from top to bottom. By touching the feet of those who are respected by us, their positive energy enters our bodies and we get full benefits. 

Why is it necessary to bow down and touch the feet 

According to science, there is a negative and positive flow of energy in our bodies. The left half of the body transmits a negative current and the right half transmits a positive current. Together the two parts complete a circuit function of positive or negative. Thus, it is advised that we should cross our hands while touching our feet. When we touch the feet of an elder, energy is transmitted to the body through their hands and toes. 

The right way to touch feet

To touch the feet of an elder or respected person, you should bend your upper body in front of them, without bending your knees and extending your arms forward. Keep the arms parallel and spread such that your right-hand touches his left foot and your left-hand touch his right foot. After this, the elder should touch the top of your head with his right hand and bless you.

Health benefits of touching feet

According to Indian scholars, there are three ways of touching the feet. The first is the basic way of bending forward and touching the feet. Another is to get down on your knees and then touch the feet of the other person. The third and final step has you lying on your stomach with your forehead touching the ground, which is also known as SashtangPranam. It is usually performed by devotees in Hindu temples.

While bending forward to touch the feet, there is a stretch in your back and pelvis. When you kneel down and then touch the feet of an elder, your knees are bent and all the joints in your body are stretched, giving you relief from joint pain. By prostrating your whole body gets stretched and body pain gets cured.

Touching the feet of elders is beneficial in many ways, so the elders of the house must give the rituals of this practice to their children.

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