Weight Loss Tips: To lose weight, use chia seeds in this way!


* If you want to reduce your weight, then for this you can consume chia seeds with curd, the curd is considered very beneficial for our health, by consuming it regularly, our digestion also remains healthy, which reduces weight. It is very important to consume chia seeds with curd, its benefits increase even more and you get ease in losing weight.

* To stay healthy, most people like to eat salad, if you are also troubled by the problem of your increasing weight and want to reduce it, then you can mix chia seeds in the salad and consume it, by doing this your Belly fat will start reducing rapidly.

* To reduce the increasing weight, you can also consume tea made from chia seeds. To prepare this tea, you first mix a spoonful of the top in a glass of water and keep it for boiling on the gas. If this water becomes half, take it off, after that consume it when it is lukewarm, doing this helps you to lose weight.


* People who regularly consume chia seeds water, such people also start losing weight rapidly, for this you soak one spoonful of acids in a glass of water and then after waking up the next morning, drink this on an empty stomach.