Weight Loss Tips: If you want to reduce belly fat, then drink these drinks to stay energetic...


Homemade Drinks To Lose Belly Fat: Be it a girl or a boy, everyone is troubled by their growing stomach. In such a situation, most people try to reduce belly fat. It takes the most time to reduce the fat deposited on the stomach. For this both exercise and diet should be perfect. You can reduce belly fat to a great extent with the right diet. Today we are telling you a drink that will help in reducing your belly fat. It is very easy to make and its properties are very effective. Let's know how to make belly fat reduction drink.


This drink will reduce belly fat
For this you have to take 2 teaspoons of sabja seeds, a teaspoon of honey, a glass of warm water, juice of half a lemon and some lemon pieces, thinly sliced.

How to make?
Pour hot water in a glass and add 2 teaspoons of sabja seeds, honey and lemon juice and mix it well. Now keep it covered for about half an hour. When it swells, add chopped lemon pieces to it and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning.


How much nutrition?
From this drink, you will get 20 calories, 3 grams of carbohydrates and 34 milligrams of vitamin C. This drink is full of fiber, you will not feel hungry after drinking it for a long time.