Weight Loss Tips: If you also want to lose weight, then include these 5 foods in the diet!


* Consume Ragi:

Those people who want to lose weight or want to control their increasing weight, those people should definitely use ragi in their diet. You can use ragi flour for weight loss. Ragi is rich in fiber and protein. You can use ragi in many ways. By including it in your diet, you can easily control your weight.

* Consume moong dal:

Moong dal is included in weight loss foods. Moong dal is rich in protein and is easily digested in the body. People who want to lose weight must include moong dal in their diet. You can consume moong dal in your diet in many ways like in the form of khichdi, whole moong sprouts, etc.

* Consume cottage cheese:

Those people who want to lose weight, those people must consume cottage cheese in their diet. There will not be much hunger and you will be saved from food cravings.


* Consume fruits:

To lose weight, people must include seasonal fruits in their diet. By using these fruits, all the nutritional needs of your body will continue to be fulfilled and your stomach will also feel full.

* Include eggs in the diet:

If you want to lose weight and you use eggs, then you must use eggs for breakfast in the morning because by consuming eggs you will get plenty of protein and your stomach will feel full for a long time.