Weight Loss Tip of the Day: Lose weight without dieting in these 8 ways...


In a hectic routine, no one has enough time to work out in the gym for 2 hours. But when it comes to dieting, it is not easy to do it either. Most of us give up on dieting without achieving our fitness goals. Or if the weight is reduced after dieting, the weight increases again after eating the same food again. Keeping this problem in mind, here we are telling some such tips, by adopting which you can lose weight and you will not even need dieting-


1. Eat less sugar: If you cannot completely give up sugar, try reducing it gradually. Sugar is very high in anti-calories (Empty calories i.e. calories from sugar, flour, oil, and ghee), which slow down the metabolism, which increases obesity and can lead to heart diseases.

2. High protein intake: Increase the amount of protein in your diet during weight loss. Eat pulses, eggs, cheese, and soy products in the daily diet. Eating protein keeps the stomach full for a long time and also prevents cravings.

3. Walk daily: If you are following a weight loss routine, walk for at least 45 minutes daily. If it is not possible to walk for 45 minutes, then walk for 30 minutes in the morning and evening. Walking helps in increasing the metabolism and brings agility to the body. The easy mantra to lose weight is to walk at least 1000 steps after eating food.

4. Take fiber: Fiber helps in removing cholesterol from the body. Cleans the intestines and eating it does not make you feel hungry for a long time. If you are following a weight loss diet, then it is very important to take fiber in the food. Take fruits and vegetables, chia seeds, etc. in your weight loss diet.

5. Eat by chewing: While eating food, eat the food by chewing it 20-30 times. By doing this, the food becomes easily digestible and the amount of calories in it is also reduced. It has been proved by research that people who eat less food, tend to gain more weight.


6. Cut off juices and sodas: Sugar, artificial flavors, and colors are mixed in them. They contain anti-calories. These juices and sodas damage the metabolism and help in gaining weight.

7. Eat less oil: Ideally 900 ml in a month. Do not eat too much oil. Keep a close eye on how much oil you consume.

8. Drink a lot of water: If you want to lose weight, then your first step should be- drink a lot of water. Water not only keeps you hydrated but also increases metabolism. Water helps in flushing out the toxins accumulated in the body and prevents water retention.