Weight Loss Exercises for Women: - Women, while making roti, do these 5 exercises with a rolling pin, and the body will come in the shape


Women want to keep themselves fit but are so entangled in the responsibilities of home and office that they are not able to take time for themselves. For such women, we have started the Monday Motivation Series. Under this, we tell about such exercises to inspire women for fitness, which they can easily, do while doing their work at home.

Last time we told you about how to exercise while brushing. Today we are telling you about such exercises in our series which you can do in the morning with the help of a rolling pin while making roti in the kitchen. Not only will this help you lose weight, but it can also help keep you fit. 

We got the information about these exercises from the insta of fitness and yoga expert Rita Kanabar. From time to time, she keeps sharing videos related to fitness with her fans.Ms. Rita Kanabar is the founder of Love Yourself Fitness Center. She holds a Diploma in Yoga and is a Certified YCB Level3 Yoga Teacher and Issuer. Let us know about some such exercises that you can do with the help of a cylinder in your kitchen to keep yourself fit.

Exercise No. 1

  • To do this, while making roti, stand at some distance from the kitchen slab.
  • Hold the cylinder in your hand. 
  • Take the hands backwards and then hold the cylinder with both hands. 
  • Then bend down from your waist. 
  • While doing this, your hands will come upwards. 
  • Then come to the first position.
  • Do this exercise at least 5 times. 
  • After this, you roll your roti.

Exercise No. 2

  • After making one roti, do another exercise. 
  • To do this, hold the cylinder in both your hands. 
  • Then raise your hands upwards. 
  • Bend your hands at the elbows.
  • After this, stretch your hand in the first right way. 
  • Then stretch to the left.
  • While doing this, stretch the hands downwards as per your convenience. 
  • Do this many times.

Exercise No. 3

  • To do this exercise, stand straight in the kitchen. 
  • Hold the cylinder in the right hand.
  • Then move your right hand from the bottom to the top and your left hand from the top to the bottom.
  • Hold the cylinder with both hands. 
  • Now first stretch the hands upwards and then stretch downwards. 
  • Do this exercise several times.

Exercise No.-4

  • To do this, stand straight.
  • Hold the cylinder in both your hands. 
  • After this, take the hands above the head. 
  • Then twist yourself from the waist first to the right and then to the left. 
  • Do this many times.

Exercise No. 5

  • To do this, stand on straight legs.
  • Hold the cylinder in both your hands.
  • After this, like the first exercise, take the hands above the head. 
  • Then twist yourself from the waist first to the right and then to the left. 
  • Do this many times. 

This exercise works on your arms, forearms, shoulders, chest and hands. You can easily do the exercise by watching the video of the expert. If you are troubled by the fat of these parts, then do these exercises easily while making roti. 

Image Credit: Shutterstock & Freepik


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