Weight Loss Drinks: drink this green leaf drink made at home to reduce belly fat!


How To Burn Belly Fat: It is not easy for anyone to reduce belly and waist fat, but if you consume a special thing kept in your kitchen then it will be of great benefit. 

 If you want to reduce your increasing weight and do not have the mood to control the diet, then even the desired result is not achieved. The role of heavy workouts in reducing belly fat has the same effect as food habits. Therefore, to lose weight, you can drink a special kind of drink, which is considered very effective in reducing weight.

Coriander leaves will reduce belly fat

We are talking about coriander leaves, through which delicious dishes are garnished and at the same time, the taste of food also increases. But you know that green coriander also helps in reducing the increasing weight.


Most health experts advise obese people to eat coriander because it is a herb that improves metabolism and also improves digestion. Its effect would be that the extra fat in the body starts melting.

Coriander is known to be a rich source of fiber, which is why it helps in reducing weight and improves the digestive system. If the digestion is not done properly, then the fat around the stomach and waist will increase.

Coriander water is very easy to prepare. For this, keep the coriander leaves in a vessel filled with water to soak overnight, then wake up the next morning and drink this detox water. Apart from this, you can also grind green coriander and drink it by squeezing lemon in it. 

Coriander seeds are also beneficial


If you want to use Coriander Seeds, then boil dried coriander seeds in a pot of water and boil them. Leave this water overnight and then wake up in the morning and drink it.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on home remedies and general information. Before adopting it, take medical advice. We do not confirm this.)