Weight Loss: Do not waste money in supplements to lose weight, include these dry fruits in snacks


Since the arrival of Corona, people have become very conscious about their health and they are actively bringing changes in their diet as well as lifestyle. It is being seen that people who are troubled by increasing weight and obesity, they want to lose weight. Along with this, they are consuming supplements available in the market along with exercise. Supplements are a waste of money which can also spoil your health. In such a situation, today we have brought some such dry fruits for you which can be included in snacks. They are rich in nutrients. Dried fruits boost metabolism. which help in reducing weight. So let's know about those dry fruits which can be consumed to reduce weight.


Cashew is rich in magnesium. Therefore, cashew fulfills the deficiency of this element very well. About 70% of your daily magnesium requirement can be met by consuming cashews. Magnesium also regulates the body's fat and carbohydrate metabolism, so you do not gain weight. If you want to lose weight, then consume cashew nuts.

Eating almonds everyday is considered a good habit. It is very low in calories. Nutrient-rich almonds are considered very beneficial for health. It does not increase the weight either. A handful of almonds contains about 500 calories. That is, if you eat 5 or 7 almonds daily, then you get protein, monosaturated fats and antioxidants. Cholesterol is also low.

Dates full of flavor and health are also beneficial for weight loss. It contains a good amount of fiber. If you eat it once, then you feel full for a long time. It also contains vitamin B5. This vitamin boosts stamina. Eating dates after doing yoga or exercise is a good initiative to lose weight.


Hazel Nuts
Hazel nuts are rich in healthy fat and fiber, which helps in reducing weight. Like other dry fruits, eating hazel nuts keeps energy. There is no craving for their consumption. If you want to lose weight then starting with hazel nuts would be a good start.